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Despite the weather changes, autumn does not mean the end of the garden season. With a few design tweaks, adjustments and additions you can make sure that your garden not only looks nice but is also functional throughout the season. Whether you choose to change your flower and plant display or add new design elements or furniture pieces is entirely up to you, but here are our fail-safe ideas for sprucing up your garden to welcome the season of fallen leaves.

How to Prepare Your Garden for Autumn

Before you can adapt your garden for autumn, we recommend getting a few things out of the way first to prepare the canvas, so to speak. The main one is to tidy up and get rid of the old.

1. Tree Pruning

When the temperatures start to drop, it is the perfect time to prune trees and bushes. Cutting away dead or overgrown branches will not only benefit the plant, but it will give a lovely look for your garden and enhance the other features you decide to add or change later on.

2. General Tidy-Up

No matter what design element or feature you add to your garden to look better during the autumn, none of it will work unless your garden looks well-presented. Even during the earliest days of autumn, it's inevitable that leaves, branches, and other unwanted elements will have accumulated. Remove the fallen leaves, branches, moss and weeds on pathways, and clean your garden furniture from any bird droppings, dirt or spiderwebs.

3. Clean and Condition Outdoor Furniture

Before the weather gets gloomy and wet, early autumn is the perfect time to clean and condition your outdoor furniture. Even though garden furniture made of teak is durable and doesn't need too much care, annually attending to it with teak oil or sealant is a good idea.

What to Add to Your Garden in Autumn

Certain additions can enhance the look and feel of your garden greatly. If you have outdoor furniture, you might want to consider adding a parasol to your furniture set. Whether you are looking for a bit of shade during sunny days or some protection during a drizzle, a high-quality parasol will do both.

Even though the temperatures start to drop, the arrival of autumn shouldn't stop you from enjoying time in your garden. It's still possible to have a barbecue or weekend activities outside, and folding furniture is perfect for this time of the year. Adding a folding chair or table to your garden is perfect for days when you quickly want to set up your garden space for welcoming friends or spending time with family.

If you want to go the extra mile, the addition of seasonal decors will always look good. Everything from ornamental wreaths to small garden sculptures is something you can play around with to find a look that best suits your garden during autumn. This is also the perfect time to upcycle materials you might have lying around. Whether it's stones and pebbles, or large branches and dry leaves, creating fun and beautiful DIY pieces and adding them to your garden can also add a lovely seasonal touch.

28 Sep 2018 14:38:15 By Leanne Biggins Garden Furniture,

In the same way that all growing things in your garden need some love and attention, the same applies to outdoor furniture. Outdoor garden furniture made from teak is renowned for its high quality and durability during all seasons and weather conditions and therefore is an excellent investment. After all, teak has been used in shipbuilding for centuries.

Even though teak resists rot and abrasion quite well and generally is very low-maintenance, taking care of your teak outdoor furniture will ensure years of use without worry.

Cleaning Teak Outdoor Furniture

Teak garden furniture is perfect for use outdoors since it is naturally durable against various weather conditions. Despite that, you should apply basic routine care.

During everyday use, your outdoor furniture can naturally acquire some dust or dirt on it. Teak garden furniture care on an everyday level is easy since you only need to use a soft cloth or a soft brush to remove any dirt or dust. For more stubborn stains like bird droppings, for example, you can use warm water and again a soft cloth or a smooth brush.

Cleaning teak outdoor furniture is easy since you not only don't need to but, shouldn't use chemical cleaners and harsh brushes. As it sometimes happens during barbecues or other garden gatherings, spills are bound to occur.

Sauces, wine, and juices should all be cleaned off with a soft and absorbent cloth, and you can use some warm water to clean off the stain. If a small stain remains, there is no need to get aggressive with it as it will naturally fade out due to being exposed to the environment.

Even though teak furniture is safe to be kept outside throughout the winter, you can use a breathable furniture cover to avoid the need for excessive spring cleaning due to bird droppings or any other environmental factors. Teak wood care and cleaning should be done when the weather and the furniture are dry. Avoid pressure washing as it can affect the durability of teak wood.

Teak Wood Care

To ensure the longevity of your teak outdoor furniture, we recommend using a high-quality teak sealer and teak oil. Both products have been created to ensure safeguarding your teak furniture from environmental elements and enhance the natural durability of teak wood.

Teak oil helps to condition your teak wood furniture and give it the necessary nourishment after being exposed to various weather conditions and environmental factors. Garden furniture oil gives your furniture shine and nourishment but doesn't affect breathability.

Teak sealant offers protection and ensures that your teak outdoor furniture will serve you a long time. While still allowing breathability, teak sealant offers UV protection from the sun, as well as prevents mildew growth among other benefits.

Both the teak oil and teak sealant should be used annually for garden furniture care. These should be applied to clean and dry furniture in several layers with a soft cloth or a smooth brush.

Browse our full range of products to find your perfect patio set!

19 Sep 2018 14:43:19 By Leanne Biggins Garden Furniture,

With summer well and truly underway, it's the perfect time to consider updating your garden with the latest garden furniture. As ideal additions for summer parties and BBQ's, teak patio garden sets will brighten up any garden space - big or small.

At Garden Furniture Land, we have put together our top 5 factors you should consider before investing in your outdoor furniture. From storage and durability to garden size and furniture care, our gardening experts share their favourite tips to get maximum benefit from your new investments.

The durability of your outdoor furniture

A noteworthy aspect of teak garden furniture is its strength to withstand all types of weather. From heavy downpours to brilliant sunshine, teak outdoor furniture is naturally resistant to all climates.

By investing in high-quality furniture, you ensure your garden furniture pieces will be key statement features in your garden that can be used time and time again.

How to store your teak garden furniture

Teak garden furniture can be stored outdoors uncovered for the entire year - even during the long winter months. However, if you choose to protect your garden furniture with an extra protective layer - we recommend breathable, water-resistant covers.

The most important factor is to ensure you don't storage teak furniture in a heated room as it will cause the wood to expand and reduce the longevity of your garden furniture.

The size of your patio set

Choosing the right size furniture for your garden is important to make best use of the space available. With a variety of styles and sets to choose from, you are sure to find furniture that is ideal for use in your garden.

For urban gardens with a cosy patio size, we recommend investing in 2 seat patio sets, or cute folding tables. For larger garden spaces why not take a look at our 8 seat patio set options - fantastic for larger garden parties.

How much care is required for your modern outdoor furniture

In general teak outdoor furniture doesn't require additional maintenance and care. However if after a few years of use, you'd like to give it some extra TLC - there are a variety of options available. These include teak oil and teak sealer which are perfect products to help you maintain the appearance of your teak garden furniture.

Garden Accessories

Investing in key garden accessories is an important consideration to get maximum benefit from your outdoor pieces. With a few options to choose from, you can always ensure furniture is well maintained and properly secure.

Why not invest in furniture anchors for both soft surfaces and hard surfaces to ensure your garden furniture is always firmly secured and safe.

Looking for more information?

Ready to discuss the best furniture option for your garden? Contact us at 020 3322 9194 or via email on Sales@GardenFurnitureLand.co.uk.

2 Aug 2018 12:14:00 By Leanne Biggins Teak garden furniture, Garden Furniture,
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